Freshman Sidekick if FREE!

I’m in the process of updating platforms for all books going forward. You’ll be able to find my books on your favorite ebook retailer. But I have even better news than that.

The first book in my High School Sidekick series, Freshman Sidekick is FREE. You can download it right here, from me.

With all future books being on other ebook retailers, I’m also selling my books to your myself. What’s the benefit of purchasing the books from me rather than Amazon, iBooks, Kobo or others? When you buy from me you pay less! Be sure to go to the High School Sidekick page, because I’ll have all the links to buy the books.

High School Sidekick

The High School Sidekick series is now complete!

Freshman Sidekick. It’s all starts here. Robbie Garcia, just your average high school freshman. Oh yeah, he can teleport. Freshman Sidekick is book one in the High School Sidekick series, filled with superhero action and teen drama. Perfect for fans of Spider-Man, The Runaway, and The CW superhero lineup.


Trial by Fire. Girlfriends, boyfriends, superhero training, and high school tests. Who know Sophmore year would be so crazy. And there’s a fiery psycho trying to kill Robbie and his friends!


Riptide. It’s junior year and everything’s going great. Grades are good, sidekick training is good, and Robbie has a great girlfriend. Enter an infatuated princess and Robbie’s world is turned upside down in more ways than one!