Black Friday SALES!!!

Freshman Sidekick is on sale for only .99 cents!!

The sale is for the U.S. and the U.K. It’s the perfect jumping on point because all four books in the High School Sidekick series are out! Don’t miss it!

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Trial by Fire OUT NOW!!

High School Sidekick, Book 2, is now available!

Trial by Fire picks up during Robbie’s sophomore year, and after the events of Freshman Sidekick! Things are going good for Robbie and his friends until pyrokinetic maniacs start attacking King City. Read the blurb below and download today!

With his sophomore year of high school in full swing, Robbie Garcia is riding high. He’s the sidekick to Mr. Mimic, has a super-hot, alien girlfriend, and is breezing along in his classes. Life is great! Until pyrokinetic maniacs start to wreak havoc in King City.

When their mentors are called away for a mission, it falls to Robbie and his sidekick partners to protect the city from fiery villains who will stop at nothing to take them down. What should be a great opportunity to prove what sidekicks are capable of, quickly turns into a fight for their lives! 

If you can’t get enough of the CW’s superhero lineup, you’re sure to love every action-filled page of the High School Sidekick series!



High School Sidekick FAN CAST!

With Trial by Fire (High School Sidekick, Book 2) releasing in under two weeks, I thought I’d share my casting choices if the series was ever made into a television series. And for the record, as cool as a big blockbuster movie would be, I think a series on Amazon Prime or Netflix would be cooler since you could really dive into the characters more that way.

Anyways, let’s get on with it.

First up is Robbie. I haven’t seen the second season of Cobra Kai yet, but when I saw the first season, Xolo Maridueña instantly captivated me and he would make the perfect Robbie Garcia/Worm. 






Then we have Jasmin, Robbie’s mega-crush. There were a couple of choices for this one I had rolling around, but I think Isabela Moner is a lock. 






Robbie best friend, Pete, would go to Froy Gutierrez.








Maria is Jasmin’s best friend, and though it’s not a huge role, Zendaya would nail it. She’s got that sarcastic, sassy, snarky thing down.







The first of Robbie’s sidekick partners, Daniel, also known as Hydro. Keiynan Lonsdale would be an awesome Hydro. Plus, he’s already got the superhero thing down.






Melissa, otherwise known as Mighty Miss, is the other sidekick in the series, and Hailee Steinfeld would be amazing.








And then we have The Trio.

Mr. Mimic is Robbie’s mentor, and Kyle Chandler would be amazing. He’s got the look, not super powerful but could hold his own, and his acting is awesome.





Michelle Rodriguez can pull off the badass any day of the week, so she’d be perfect as Ms. Majestic.








And finally, Supron. He’s sort of like the Superman of my world, and I think John Cena would pull him off perfectly.








What do you think? Have you read Freshman Sidekick? Who would you pick as the actors of the roles?

Freshman Sidekick is on sale right now for only .99 cents!

Freshman Sidekick COVER REVEAL!

It’s time for the cover reveal of Freshman Sidekick, book 1 of the High School Sidekick series!

I absolutely LOVE this cover, which was designed by Robin Ludwig Design.

High School Sidekick, Book 1: Freshman Sidekick is “teen drama meets superheroes.” Here’s the blurb!


Robbie isn’t your normal high school student. He can teleport. And in King City, if you’ve got a superpower, that means you can sign up to be a sidekick, so he does just that.

Wanting to become a sidekick, and hopefully, a fully-fledged superhero one day has been all Robbie’s dreamed about. But like they always say, be careful what you wish for.

No sooner than his first day of high school, does the balancing act commence. Making time for his best friend? Finally getting to go out with his crush? Training with his superhero mentor? Not to mention, there’s a psychotic villain on the loose and his minion seems to want to kill him.

Yeah, high school can suck. Add superpowers to the mix and it can be downright deadly.

Freshman Sidekick releases on May 13th, but you can pre-order it today!