Last week my newsletter subscribers got the early look at the cover for the fourth and final book in the High School Sidekick series. Now it’s time to share it with everyone!

Here’s the synopsis:

Graduation is meant to be a time of achievement and hope, yet all Robbie Garcia feels is crushing guilt. 

No one came out of the betrayal against King City unscathed. Classmates are missing. Close friends suffered crippling injuries. Lives were changed in ways they can never recover from. And Robbie feels responsible for it all.

 Capitalizing on the city’s vulnerability, Daedalus has finally emerged, presenting the residents with a new defense alternative that would no longer rely on superheroes. This option comes with an alluring caveat; a cure for any superhero that no longer wants their powers. But Daedalus is working towards their own agenda, one riddled with malevolent intent.  

The time has come. The final battle is at hand. Will Robbie be turning his tassels with his graduating class? Or will his vow to end Daedalus lead to his own demise? 

 Can’t get enough of the CW’s superhero line up? You’ll be on the edge of your seat for the High School Sidekick series’ epic conclusion, Graduation!

Graduation (High School Sidekick, Book 4)


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