High School Sidekick

High School Sidekick is Teen Drama meets Superheroes.

HSS Book 1, Freshman Sidekick, follows Robbie Garcia and his journey into becoming the newest sidekick of King City, training under the tutelage of one of the world’s greatest superheroes, Mr. Mimic.

Freshman Sidekick SYNOPSIS:

Robbie isn’t your normal high school student. He can teleport. And in King City, if you’ve got a superpower, that means you can sign up to be a sidekick, so he does just that.

Wanting to become a sidekick, and hopefully, a fully-fledged superhero one day has been all Robbie’s dreamed about. But like they always say, be careful what you wish for.

No sooner than his first day of high school, does the balancing act commence. Making time for his best friend? Finally getting to go out with his crush? Training with his superhero mentor? Not to mention, there’s a psychotic villain on the loose and his minion seems to want to kill him.

Yeah, high school can suck. Add superpowers to the mix and it can be downright deadly.