The One Where I Blog About Slayed at Siren’s Lake!

I’m currently at work on my next book, the fourth installment of the Rosie Reynolds Paranormal Mysteries!

I sort of had a hiccup ion my author career over 2022 and 2023, but I’ve refocused and am currently fully on track in diving back into cozy mysteries, as I’ve blogged about in the past. With that said, I’m not only working on the next Rosie Reynolds book, but I’m also working on a brand new series featuring a wizard named Harry. No, not that wizard!

Harry will have his time to shine in the coming months, for now I wanted to update the blog and show everyone the cover for Rosie’s fourth book, Slayed at Siren’s Lake! (psst! Newsletter subscribers got an early peek at the cover last week! Sign up for the newsletter today!)

I can’t wait for everyone to read the new book and for new readers to learn who Rosie Reynolds is and the wonderful, quirky citizens of Greylock Cove. I’m tentatively planning to put a nice bow on the Rosie Reynolds series as a seven book series. That means with book four we’ll be over halfway there. Rosie has a mystery in her own life that’s been unsolved for over fifteen years, so starting with book five we’ll be really getting into that story.

If you haven’t yet read the Rosie Reynolds Paranormal Mysteries you can purchase it from any of the major retailers, or get it at a discount if you get it directly from me!

You can also get a FREE prequel short story if you’re a newsletter subscriber! Download it here!

That’s it for today.

Back to writing!

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