The One Where I Blog About Fan Expo

Over this past weekend I took a six hour road trip to Portland for Fan Expo. For those that don’t know, Fan Expo is a comic book and pop culture convention and there are number of them held around North America. The closest one to me is in Portland, so I decided to make a road trip out of it and headed up for the show.

Not a whole lot to report on because inclement weather made the show really slow. Here’s a tiktok video I posted of a semi-truck that was jackknifed on the side of the road due to really bad icy conditions.

@rontuckerbooksSaw this on my drive home. 😬 😱

♬ original sound – Ron Tucker

Other than that, though, I did get some cool pictures of some cosplayers. And a llama!!

Overall, it was a pretty fun time. I’m trying to go to Wondercon at the end of March. If I do, I’ll probably have a lot more pictures, as that convention is a much bigger show.

That’s it for today.

Back to writing.

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