Slain at Siren’s Lake NOW AVAILABLE!

It’s finally time for the fourth book in the Rosie Reynolds Paranormal Mysteries!

What should be a wonderful winter weekend trip turns into a murder scene!

When Rosie and friends travel to Siren’s Lake Resort, they are expecting a wonderful weekend getaway. What they don’t expect is the owner of the resort to turn up dead.

The owner, Cassandra, had come to Greylock Cove multiple times to ask Rosie for help. When Cassandra winds up dead, it’s ruled as an accident, but Rosie thinks there has to be something more.

She’s determined to find out what really happened, but as she investigates more, she may have stumbled across a sinister plot. As Rosie gets closer to what she thinks really happened to Cassandra, she discovers the truth is even more devious than she believed.

Slain at Siren’s Lake is the fourth book in the Rosie Reynolds Paranormal Mysteries. It’s filled with paranormal characters and a pinch of magic.

You can download Slain at Siren’s Lake at your favorite ebook retailer at:

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