Here are a a few questions I’ve received, so I thought I’d post them here on the site.

Q: You write about witches and magic, so do you believe in the occult?

A: I am a Christian. I like to create and write about imaginary worlds. While I may write about magical or paranormal character or events, I believe in God and the values held in the Bible.

Q: You makes comics. Will you be at (insert convention name) or come to (insert convention name)?

A: I love going to comic conventions, but they are expensive both in set-up and travel. So, the few conventions I do are usually within driving distance. That doesn’t mean I won’t do a convention near you, but for conventions farther away I would need to be an invited guest. Contact your convention organizers to recommend me! 🙂

Q: Why can’t you give me a free copy of a book?

A: I love writing and creating. Even though this is a creative endeavor, I value my time and effort just like any other professional in any other business. I offer my books on a number of platforms and in a number of ways. Sometimes that does include free books. But that is at my own discretion and in correlation to any other endeavor I may be working toward.