Midnight Wedding Murder


You can’t have a paranormal wedding without a murder! hen a vampire Guns N’ Roses cover band comes to town, Rosie and friends are ready for a fun night in Greylock Cove, but by the end of the show the lead guitarist ends up dead!

Rosie’s best friend, Bonnie, is dating the lead singer. She can’t believe her vampire boyfriend would commit such a heinous crime, and asks Rosie to help figure out who the real culprit is. As Rosie starts to investigate the mysterious death, all fingers point to another band member. But with a haughty vampire inspector ordering Rosie to stay out of the investigation, the inspector is certain he has the culprit.

Right when Rosie thinks she’s about to prove who the real killer is, she may have fallen into a secret that could spell her demise!

After Rosie’s best friend ties the knot and offer of to her honeymoon, friends and family are left in a murderous situation. A regular human is dead and everyone is a suspect! When a hotshot detective shows up, Rosie and friends are all under suspicion of being the murderer. Before the crime can be solved, a second body turns up, and every suspect has something to hide! Can Rosie figure out who the culprit is before they strike again?

Rosie Reynolds Paranormal Mysteries are filled with cozy settings, charming hometown friends, and a dash of magic.