May 13 2023

Writers Write (8/365)

Is there such a thing as writer’s block?

“Of course there’s such a thing as writer’s block,” someone might say. “How dare you!?”

The obvious reply, one that is used by many, is do plumbers get plumber’s block? Do chefs get chef’s block? Does a football player get sport’s block?

Then, of course, the obvious retort to that reply is, “But those aren’t creative! I’m an artiest! I need the muse.” Continue reading

May 12 2023

Whoopsy Daisy! (7/365)

Well, I made it to four days and then I didn’t get to a blog.

I still work a day job and on the days I should’ve updated for the fifth and sixth days of trying to write a blog entry every day for a year, I just spaced it. The last couple of days I’ve been doing a lot of research. Too much. There comes a time when you just have to write. I’ve suffered from this problem before. Continue reading