Finally Announcing Book 1 and Series Name


I’ve been a little tentative about releasing the name of the series I’ve been working on, mostly because I hadn’t been sure of what I’m calling it until about a month ago. It’s a young adult, superhero novel, and at first I was going to title it after the main characters name. While I could do that, calling each subsequent book “His Name Book 2” and so on, didn’t sound right for two reasons.

The first is, because he has kind of a funny name. I’m not spoiling it, but calling each subsequent book his name followed by the book number would kind of sound weird, but more importantly, it might be confusing. Which leads me to my second point, the name of the series needs to convey to people that these books are superhero books.

So, this has been a long winded (is it still “long winded” if you’re typing) of saying I’m pleased to finally announced the name of my series I’m working on and the name of the first book. So, Drumroll please…

Freshman Sidekick

(High School Sidekick Book 1)


It’s easy, it’s deliberate, and it lets everyone know what this book is. Point blank. Since book’s two, three, and four will all have different names that are not blatantly obvious for someone to know if the book is about superheros and superpowers, the name of the series is called High School Sidekick.

I’ve also updated the blog with a little widget that has a countdown timer. This isn’t 100%, but is close enough, as I’m currently working with the cover design company to get the book done and sending book one off to the editor soon. So, I’m 99% sure that the book will be available to download on June 19th!

Be sure to like the facebook page, as I’ll be debut the cover there before the book comes out.


Freshman Sidekick (High School Sidekick: Book 1) Available on June 19th, 2017.

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